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C Language

Introduction to C Programming Langugae

CCPPOvalAlthough numerous computer languages are used for writing computer applications, the computer programming language, C, is the most popular language worldwide. Everything from microcontrollers to operating systems is written in C since it’s very flexible and versatile, allowing maximum control with minimal commands. If you are interested in a career in computer programming, it would be wise to start by learning the C programming language.

Programming in C is fairly easy because it uses basic commands in English.

Another benefit of learning the computer language, C, is that it’s the basic language of all advanced computer languages


Training Duration

48 hours (i.e. 2 months)


Timing Structure

Weekdays (2 hours/day)

  • Option 1: Monday - Wednesday - Friday (MWF)
  • Option 2: Tuesday - Thrusday - Saturday (TTS)

Weekend (3 hours/day)

  • Saturday - Sunday


Training Content

  1. Introduction to Programming, Program & Programming Languages, Introduction to compiler, linker, loader, interpreter, Algorithm and Flowchart
  2. Overview of C
  3. Constants, Variables and Data types in C
  4. Operators and Expressions
  5. Decision making and Branching
  6. Decision making and looping
  7. Arrays
  8. Character Arrays and Strings
  9. User defined function in C
  10. Pre-processor directives
  11. Managing Input and Output operation
  12. Structures and Unions
  13. Pointers
  14. File Management in C
  15. Introduction to Dynamic Memory Allocation and Linked List
    1. Allocation block of memory (Malloc)
    2. Allocation Multiple Blocks of Memory : Calloc
    3. Releasing the used space: free
    4. Altering the size of block : Realloc
    5. Concept of Linked list, Advantages of Linked list
    6. Create, Insert, Delete operations of singly linked list
  16. Introduction to GCC and GUI programming using C



  • Passion for learning & coding
  • Laptop


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